Tuesday, September 25, 2007

And That's How the Cookie Crumbles

Good morning all! I hear tell it's going to be nice and fall like today, with a bit of a chill in the air. I'm so very happy about that as yesterday was yucky hot and humid. Blech.

I'm almost done with Dead Witch Walking, and will soon move on to The Good, The Bad, and The Undead. I'm just loving this series, let me tell ya.

And I didn't get much done yesterday except for what I did in the morning. I did end up taking the youngest to Urgent Care cuz her wrist was hurting after she fell on it this weekend. It's not broken, but it's sprained and she's in a lot of pain. I feel bad for her. She's got her arm in a splint and everything.

So, she hasn't been doing chores, so the house is a mess, but I suppose she has a valid excuse.

I wish that the damn shrews that live above the deck would go away. I'm sure not going to miss them when I move, that's for sure. And somehow I have to keep my cat from clawing another hole in the screen at my new place. She's too old to declaw now, but I can't have her wrecking my screens all the time. But, at least without the shrews I'll be able to open the patio door whenever I want. As it is, it can't be open when it's dark out cuz that's when the shrews come out and then the cats try to bring them in the house to 'play' with them.

I'm going to have to get to work cleaning today as the cleaning lady is coming tomorrow. I'm not looking forward to that. Though I'm excited for cooler temperatures, I'm not excited about how it affects my pain. It's always so bad when it's cold outside. Being in pain always makes cleaning that much harder.

K, well, I really have nothing more to say.


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