Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Searching for Something

I have been a bad blogger when it comes to this blog. I've been focusing mostly on my writing blog, so I haven't had much time to blog here. Well, I've had some time but little initiative. This blog has fallen far down on my list. I think I just have too damn many blogs. But, I will probably start posting here more regularly again. This is the first blog I ever started, and I can't neglect it too much. Besides, I like being a Stuperhero.

Not much going on here, just dealing with the Drunken Midgets, as usual, and lots of appointments as well as trying to fit school in there somewhere. Been feeling a bit down and spiritually bereft, but that's okay. Being empty inside makes me want to explore my spirituality more, so that can be a good thing. I've been reading all kinds of books on spirituality and metaphysics and such. It is very fascinating, especially metaphysics as it relates to spirituality. I like the idea of combining spirituality and science. I don't that they are mutually exclusive, like so many out there. My search for spirituality has even brought me into a better understanding of quantum physics, if you can believe that. There is science behind Witchcraft that most people ignore or don't know about.

It's getting light too damn early now. It's just after 6 and the sun is already up. I like it much better when it is dark until after 7. And the sun has been setting too late for me. One of the things I hate about summer is that it is light until nearly 10. I prefer it to be dark by 5. I'm weird, I know. I really don't enjoy summer that much. I'm not an outdoorsy kinda person, and it gets way to hot for me. If we could just go fall, winter, spring, fall, winter, spring, and skip summer altogether, I would be very happy.

K, well, I'm off!


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