Monday, July 6, 2009

Long Time No Blog

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Spank me! It's been forever since I've blogged here. I have been such a bad blogger lately, not only neglecting my blogs, but I haven't been reading blogs either. I just haven't had the motivation to get on the 'puter, and for some reason, for a while, just the thought of going to the 'puter caused me no small amount of anxiety. I'm not sure why.

But, today, here I am at the 'puter and I'm listening to some Mudvayne on my iPod. I love Mudvayne, they are my fav metal band. Chad Gray is just uber delicious. I have a major crush on him and the Drunken Midgets are forever teasing me for it. My fav vid by them is 'Happy', uncensored of course:

They have a lot of great songs though, like 'A World So Cold', 'Not Falling', 'Shadow of a Man', 'Determined', 'Fall Into Sleep', and 'Forget to Remember'.

In other news, the weather is hot and yucky. I really don't care for summer. I hope it cools off by tonight cuz my daughter and I are heading to the park for a Nature Walk to commune with nature and see what treasures we can find. There's a huge Willow tree there that I love to sit up against and watch the lake. I'm excited since my girl was gone all last week with my 'rents at their cabin. I can't wait to spend some time with her.

I've been pretty busy with spellwork the last week or so and made up some fresh incense for various needs. I love making incense. I'm pretty good at it too. My kids love my Study Incense cuz it smells so good (after you burn it you smell like you've been baking cookies), but it also helps you to focus your mind, absorb knowledge and retain what you are reading. I use it for school all the time.

I'm also in the midst of putting up my altar. When we moved in here I gave the girls the big room since they have to share one and I took the small one, and I had a hard time making room for it. But, after doing a Motivation Spell (I've been so tired and sore I just couldn't get motivated), I unpacked a bunch of boxes that were sitting around in my room and closet from when I moved forever ago and made some space. Instead of my big steamer trunk that I used to use for my altar and is just too big for the corner I'm putting my altar in, I'm stealing one of the end tables from my living room which will sit perfectly in the corner I've chosen for the altar. Now I'm using the trunk to store all my candles, herbs, and other supplies. I'm very excited to put it together, I haven't felt right without it. It grounds me and helps me to remember my devotion to the Goddess and God. Also, it's where I do my spells.

On a totally random tangent, I always have to laugh when people say things to me like, 'If you can cast spells, why don't you do one to win the lottery?' They don't understand that it doesn't work that way, and if they are a Christian I usually say, 'Well, if your god is so powerful why don't you pray to win the lottery?' No matter how you look at it, life just doesn't work that way.

Doing a spell is kind of like an extended from of prayer, using certain things as symbols as well as utilizing their vibrational power to attract to me whatever it is I'm casting the spell for. The way it's been told to me is this: if you look at Quantum Physics you'll find that nothing is static; everything is moving on a molecular level at a certain vibrational frequency and like attracts like. That means that when I cast a spell with a green candle, some basil, patchouly oil, and maybe some runes carved into the candle with a quartz crystal, all those things are vibrating at a similar frequency as the money I'm hoping to attract to pay a bill, or whatever my intent, through my spell. Also, the use of symbols such as the athemae (ritual knife) or wand (not magic wand in the sense of 'wave a magic wand' and all your troubles will go away) connect us to our unconscious and the spark of the Divine which is within all of us.

So, if I'm doing a spell (again, extended prayer), not for a reasonable amount to pay a bill or whatever, but to win the lottery, chances are thousands, if not millions, of people are praying for the same thing. Obviously the Goddess and the God (or whatever Divine Source you believe in) can't answer all those prayers, or that would leave everyone with like a dollar or something. Also, we just aren't meant to have certain things in life, and so, the Divine cannot answer all of our prayers or bring all of our spells to fruition.

We all struggle in life and have our issues that need to be resolved; that is what molds us, refines us and helps us to evolve into the people we are meant to be. Spellwork can be effective and strenghten our prayers but it's not supernatural in the sense that it can defy the laws of Nature or Spirit and make all of our problems disappear with the wave of our wand. I can't think of a single religion that teaches that prayer will make our lives perfect and struggle-free.

K, well, I'll hop off down my Wicca Soapbox for now.


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