Thursday, August 27, 2009

NOT Random Tuesday and Bloggy Awards!

This post is a bit long cuz I'm giving away awards. If you want to skip all my crazy randomness then just scroll down a bit and there the awards shall be. *Poof* Like magick (but you'll miss more talk about lavender)

Yes, I realize it isn't Tuesday but this post will probably be rather random anyway. But, then when aren't my posts random? I'm just a random squash.

So, I went to the Natural Foods store near me and they are STILL out of lavender and I got tired of waiting so I ordered some online yesterday. Keep in mind that when I buy it at the store I buy just under and ounce cuz lavender isn't that heavy so that's a good amount. It lasts me a couple weeks or so. Well, since it's apparently hard to come by these days (it would likely be easier to buy a bag of weed were I so inclined) I ordered 1/2 pound of it. lol I know, right? But, I won't be running out anytime soon, that's for sure. So I should have it by tomorrow (I'd better, I paid for 2 day shipping) and I'll be nice and relaxed. Yay!

My eldest Drunken Midget bought a laptop with her tip money. Nothing fancy, just the cheapest one they had at Best Buy. She decided to name it 'Greg' which I think is hilarious and very random. So now all she talks about is Greg. The only one in the house she spends time with is Greg. It's all Greg, Greg, Greg! She takes him everywhere they could possibly have wi fi and she even sleeps with him next to her pillow. But, if I had a laptop I'd do the same damn thing, so it's all good.

OMG a giant mutant fruit fly just flew into my eye and scared the crap out of me! That was the biggest fruit fly I've ever seen, where did that come from????

How's that for random?

Anyway, what this means for me (the Greg bit, not the fruit fly bit) is that she's spending all her time with Greg and that's one less person I have to fight with to get computer time!

Now, it's time for...... (drumroll please).......

Bloggy Awards!!

First, I received this one from Staci @ Just Bloggled...

Now, this apparently means 'I love your Blog' in French. I asked my French speaking daughter about it and she's not sure about the tien, but that's the gist of it. And it comes with a few rules. Here they are:
  1. Copy the image above.
  2. Pass the award on to the bloggers you feel deserve it. You can pass it on to as many or as few bloggers as you want. There is no set number on this one.
  3. Leave a message or a comment for the bloggers you give it to, notifying them of the award.
  4. Leave a comment on the blog of the person who gave the award to you.
And here are the bloggers/blogs I'm passing it onto...

Janet @ Dolly's Daily Diary
Keely @ The Un Mom
Angel @ Here and Now ~*~ 4 Angel ~*~
Fon @ Kids and Daquiris

And, last but certainly not least....


If one or more of you doesn't do awards, then please just accept it in the spirit it's given and leave it at that.

Now, I have another award to pass out...I'm on a roll this week!

This is the loyal friend and visitor award and I actually received it from 2 different people on all 3 of my blogs. I was very flattered. For this blog I received it from Janet @ Dolly's Daily Diary. Thanks Janet!

Ok, the rules of this award are:
1. Copy the loyal picture above
2. Pass it to you think who is/are deserving.
3. Leave a message to them
4. Pass as many as you want.
5. Message back or leave a comment to the owner.

So, the recipients ar.... (another drum roll pleeeeese)....

blueviolet @ A Nut in a Nutshell
Jan @ Jan's Sushi Bar
Otin @ Wizard of Otin
Georgie @ Decisionally Challenged
Staci @ Just Bloggled

And again, if you don't do awards, please accept it in the spirit it's given and leave it at that.

K, I have to get ready to babysit my adorable nephews today!



  1. Okay, that is a LOT of lavender! lol! Maybe you should grow your own? It's pretty hardy once it gets established.

    And thank you for the lovely award!

  2. I am new to the award world of blogs... still trying to understand it.

  3. Oh thank you!!! That is so nice of you!!!

    I think you should grow your own lavender! I have a huge bush and it's so maintenance free. If you had your own plant, you'd never have to buy it!

  4. Thank you for the recognition! I do awards, when I can remember them! Sometimes I forget!!! Old age setting in!

  5. I, like Otin, do awards when I can remember them, and yes - I blame old age and menopause. They're such handy scapegoats. LOL

    Thanks so much, Raven - I am very flattered!

    And that's a whole lot o' lavender goin' on.

  6. Thank you for the award. You are so sweet! I really appreciate it. Hope that you are having a great week:)

  7. Keely~ I'm thinking about growing my own, a lot of people have recommended that. I'd still have to buy some, cuz I live in an apartment and don't have room to grow a lot, and I go through it so fast, but I wouldn't have to buy as much.

    You're very welcome!

    Big Mama Cass~ It's pretty easy, most awards come with instructions. When someone gives you an award you post about it on your blog with the award picture and any rules the award has, then you pick however many people you want to pass it onto and link to their blogs. Then you leave them comments to tell them you've given them an award so they can come to your blog, get the rules and the pic and then post it on their blog.

    blueviolet~ I live in an apartment so it would have to be in a pot, which probably wouldn't be enough for all the lavender I use in incense, but it would supplement it so I'd have to buy less. I'm going to give it a try and buy a potted plant when I get paid. I've never had much luck with growing seeds.

    You are very welcome!

    otin~ You're welcome! I know how that old age thing goes. I'm not quite 40 yet but my memory is not what it use to be, that's for sure! If I want to remember something I have to write it down, and even then there's a good chance I'll forget where I put the paper it's written on.

    Jan~ You're welcome. If you forget about it, no worries, I forget things all the time. lol

    It is a lot, isn't it? My kids were like, 'Yeah, right, lavender, you're smuggling in crack aren't you?' lol

    Angel~ You are so welcome. I hope you're having a wonderful Friday.

    Thanks everyone for reading and commenting! Enjoy the awards.


  8. Thanks so much for the award. I'm sorry it has taken me so long to comment, but Google and Blogger have not been my friends the last few days. Major issues even getting to load. Regardless, I'm flattered you thought of me, and I will pass it on with pride.

  9. Staci~ No worries, I've heard a lot of people say they've been having trouble with Google and Blogger. I haven't yet, and I hope it stays that way. *knocks on wood* If I couldn't blog I'd be a wreck! I'm glad you like the award!

  10. Hi Jane,
    Thank you for this award, I love it! and I will be posting it this week.
    I am grateful that you thought of me
    Take Care,
    Janet :)


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