Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Random Thoughts


Hello, once again it is time for Random Tuesday Thoughts, where does the time go?

So, here are my random thoughts for today:

1. I used to have a poster of Legolas pinned on the ceiling above my bed (yes, I'm weird) but apparently in the middle of the night in the dark he must have resembled something scary cuz I'd wake up in the middle of the night screaming bloody murder so I had to take him down. :-(

2. It cracks me up when Google corrects me. So many times I will type in something and spell it wrong and Google will say, "Did you mean...?" and corrects me.

3. My daughter says to me the other day, "I wouldn't eat the Cool Whip in the fridge if I were you." I figured that it had expired or something but she went on to explain, "My friends and I decided to buy some Cool Whip to throw at this guy who was being a total douche and so I had my fingers in it." All righty then.

4. T9 drives me crazy. For instance, I repeatedly have to put the word 'taco' in the phone dictionary cuz it isn't in there and also whenever I try to type in 'taking' it gives me 'takini.' That's not even a freaking word!

5. I have not been good about dropping on Entrecard lately. I have been overdosed on the 'puter and have been spending a lot of time reading (the result of which is this post at one of my other blogs in which I hop on my soapbox for a bit). So, my apologies to my EC droppers.

K, well, that's all the random thoughts that fell out of my head today.

Thanks for reading!


Saturday, March 7, 2009

They Always (Well, Usually) Make Me Laugh

My Drunken Midgets never cease to crack me up. They are both Catholic (I'm not, they joined my mom's church) and they have yet to get the hang of this 'no meat on Friday's during Lent' thing. Every Saturday I hear, 'Crap, I forgot about not eating meat yesterday!'

Then, one of my girls went to the grocery store with me last week. While we were there she picked out some stuff for lunches. When we arrived at home, she wrote up a 'contract' (on several post-it notes) listing all the things she had picked out for lunches and stating that no one in the house, except for her, could eat these things. At the bottom she wrote, 'I agree to these terms and conditions' and I had to initial it, print my name, then sign my name.

I guess she really, really didn't want us to eat her lunch stuff!!

Though she wants to be a Zoologist, I think she should attend law school, she'd make a phenomenal attorney!

In other news, there hasn't been a lot going on. Just dealing with the ups and downs of the Bipolar as well as fighting the anxiety and Agoraphobia. I see my psychiatrist again in a couple of weeks to see how the new med she prescribed is working. I haven't noticed much of an improvement yet, but it usually takes 4 to 6 weeks for the full effect to kick in, so we'll see.

Monday, March 2, 2009

Thoughts on Beauty and Society

Please forgive me for my extended absence, dear readers. Last week I had a bad cold and conquered it just in time to come down with the flu my daughter brought home this weekend. Ugh. I've also been having some bipolar issues so that's been preventing me from blogging as well. Thanks to all my Entrecard droppers that kept dropping on me even though I wasn't able to return the favor.

As I have no tv right now I've been buying seasons of tv on DVD every so often. I picked up the 1st season of The Big Bang Theory a while ago, and I love it, it's hilarious. It bothers me though that Leonard is in love with Penny only because she is beautiful. She has no depth, no substance, and she's dumb as a post, yet he would probably give his left nut to date her (in the last episode of the 1st season they go on a date and I'm curious to see how that turns out). It just reinforces the cultural attitude that the only thing a woman has to offer society lies in her appearance.

And, on that subject, why is it that so many tv shows feature a hot woman with a less-than-attractive man, yet you see no tv shows that pair a gorgeous man with a less-than-attractive woman? Is it because men are more superficial than women or is it because a man's value lies in much more than just his appearance?

Yes, I know, leave it to me to turn a simple discussion about a tv comedy into a political statement.

K, I'm off to down some fluids and crawl back into bed.