Saturday, October 31, 2009

Samhain Plans & a Lavender and Sully Night

Happy Samhain/Halloween all! Yes, it is my favorite night of the year, the night when the veil between the worlds is the thinnest and the spirits of our ancestors roam the streets.

I will have no Drunken Midgets tonight. They will be off with friends and I will have the house to myself. Thus, I have a ritual waiting for me. I am missing some ingredients but if I can't get to the store I can probably improvise on that one. I'm looking forward to my ritual. I need to commune with the Goddess and God and refresh and renew. And afterwords I plan to do a little divination with my Tarot cards as this is the best night of the year for that. I'm hoping to have the energy to do a Celtic Cross spread (10 cards) and find out what the year ahead has planned for me. I might even pull out my Runes.

So yeah, I'm excited.

Additionally, as is traditional for Witches at this time of year, I plan to leave out a plate of food for any of my ancestors that happen by on their ghostly haunts. The pork chops in my fridge need to be made anyway as they will rot if they aren't cooked tonight, so I'll have a nice dinner and leave some for my ancestors or any other spirits that happen by.

So, what does everyone out in cyberspace have planned for tonight? Trick or Treating? Handing out candy? Partying hard with lots of liquor? Share with us your Halloween plans!

Last night was a lavender and Godsmack night. I won't go into details cuz, well, they are boring and inane and disturbing, but needless to say that I remembered last night why I have a tendency to hate people so much. By 8 I was incredibly upset and knew I needed Godsmack and lavender to make it all go away. So I crawled into my PJs, lit some lavender and sage incense and put Godsmack on repeat on the iPod. I feel much better today. Lavender and Sully can make anything better.

I hope that everyone has a fantastic-and safe-Samhain/Halloween!

Friday, October 30, 2009

So Lost and Happy Hour Friday!

I had all kinds of things I was going to blog about this morning, but forgot them all by the time I sat down at the puter. Damn it. I hate that.

Finally I was able to make coffee today. I've been out of creamer for several days and couldn't get to the store. Since it makes me nauseous to drink it black I've just gone without. You can imagine how fun I've been to be around without my coffee. Especially considering the day and night I had on Wednesday.

So, I come home on Wednesday afternoon and head straight to the computer. I did my online stuff and then putsed around the house, did some cleaning, etc. Well, I went to leave for the grocery store and I couldn't find my keys. They weren't by the puter liked I assumed they would be since that's where I went as soon as I walked in the door. Ok, no problem, they go missing a lot, we'll just look a little harder and they'll turn up. So we looked a little harder. And a little harder. Then a little harder after that. Pretty soon we were tearing shit up like crazy. (Like my house wasn't messy enough) I mean it was almost comical, shit was flying through the air with great velocity as we searched frantically.

After two hours of searching I gave up, somehow knowing they just weren't going to turn up that day. So, by now I've had no coffee and I can't leave my house cuz it's my only set of keys. It wasn't pretty. I ended up locking myself in my room so I wouldn't take it out on anybody who didn't deserve it. Oh how I wished I could find somebody who did deserve it and just let loose on them. (Yes, I know I should have a spare set. It's been on my list of things to do forever. It just moved to the top of the list)

So then Thursday morning rolls around. I search and search some more and decide to open up the hide-a-bed one more time. I don't see them so I keep searching elsewhere. Then I happened to walk by the couch again and saw shiny metal poking out from under the couch. My heart stopped, pregnant with hope, I bent down, and hallelujah, there they were!! I have never been so happy to see my keys in my life. It was as though I'd just found the holy freaking grail. I must have tossed them onto the couch on the way to the puter and they fell into the hide-a-bed. If I hadn't found them it would have cost hundreds of dollars to replace them. For the record, that's hundreds of dollars I don't have.

And now that I've bored you to tears with my tale, it's time for Happy Hour Friday!!

If you'd like to participate in Happy Hour Friday, head over to Otin and check out his post and links.

These are the things that make me happy this week:

~Having keys!!

~Coffee with French Vanilla creamer makes me happier than words can proclaim (and much more pleasant to be around)

~Green Day makes me happy. I'm listening to Jesus of Suburbia right now. ("Am I retarded or am I just overjoyed?")

~Halloween/Samhain makes me happy! I have a ritual I have to look over one more time so I can perform it while the Drunken Midgets are out doing their Halloween stuff.

~I'm always happy when I come home from the grocery store and have a kitchen full of groceries.

~Daylight savings time in the fall makes me happy. It will officially be dark by 5 p.m. as of Sunday.

~The coming of winter makes me so happy. Yes, I hate it cuz it makes my fibromyalgia and arthritis worse, but that is so made up for by how much I love the snow and cold weather!

~Christmas coming makes me happy. I hate shopping but I love giving presents and seeing my family.

Yes, some of my happys I have posted before but I'm very tired this morning. So, that's my happy for today!

Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Notes from the Disaster Area

My house is a mess. Just had to say that cuz it's bugging the hell out of me and there's only so much I can do to keep it clean.


Have I mentioned lately how much I hate cleaning? Some people don't mind it. To me, it's the bane of my existence. I would rather be forced to chew my foot off to free myself from a bear trap than clean. But, we have a very clear cut chore assignment here. I do the kitchen and my bedroom. One Drunken Midget does the living room and the other does the bathroom and hallways and we just shut their bedroom door and pretend there aren't scary science experiments lurking under the bed creating new stuperviruses.

Yes, the Swine Flu is probably our fault. It likely crept out from my Drunken Midgets' closet or from under their bed. But, I choose my battles very carefully and as long as all the dishes and food are out of their room it's their bane to deal with, not mine. I'm not the one that has to risk my life tripping over everything to find stuff so whatever.

The problem is that no one has been doing their chores but me. Oh, there have been oodles of fun excuses flying around. "I had too much homework" which was uttered after a night of frolicking on Facebook. Then of course, the eldest is pulling the Mono card. "I'm too tired to clean, and btw I'm going out to to get some food with my friends." Ok then. And, there's my personal favorite, "I was dead at the time." Ok, we stole that from Eddie Izzard, but it's still pretty fucking funny.

Needless to say, the kitchen is clean but the rest of the house is a freaking disaster area. Now I have to put my foot down and start grounding or taking away the puter or phones or something, if the phones haven't permanently fused to the flesh of their fingers from all the txting they do (Yeah, one child sent over 2,000 txts last month. WTF?). Why does it have to be so hard? Why can't they just clean when I ask them to? *stomps feet, whines, pouts, and throws fit*

Ok, onto less annoying and whiny things.

Yes, I'm posting another vid, just cuz I love music. And I love Incubus, which is the band that sings this song. It's an oldie but a goodie. This is not the official vid, that one has embedding disabled (those bastards, I hate it when they do that) so I chose this one that some dude made by taking their vid and adding some concert footage. Enjoy!

Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Some Awesome Vids

If you're a lookin' for my Random Tuesday Thoughts, scroll down to the next post. I had to take the opportunity (I have some extra time before I have to pick up my Drunken Midget this afternoon cuz she's doing photography club after school today) to post a couple of vids that I love.

The first one is 'In One Ear' by Cage the Elephant, who is now one of my fav bands. And that's saying a lot since most of my fav bands are metal (Godsmack, Mudvayne, Slipknot, System of a Down, etc.) and Cage the Elephant is alternative rock. But, I fell in love with their song No Rest for the Wicked and once I heard their whole album on iTunes, our love affair was complete. This is my fav vid by them...

This next song I heard on the Moulin Rouge soundtrack. The vid isn't the best, but it's the best I could find for the song. This has to be one of the naughtiest songs I've ever heard. I wish I had a vid with the lyrics, but they aren't too hard to understand if you listen closely.

Random Time


Yes, it is Tuesday again, time for Random Tuesday Thoughts, courtesy of Keely. Head over to her blog, grab the badge and get your random on!

~I've been asked to do a product review for an adult toy site. Do I just scream "I use sex toys!" or what? LOL Don't get me wrong, I'm not offended or anything, and I'm always on the lookout for a new toy. So, keep an eye out cuz sometime in the future I'll be doing a sex toy product review. I'll give you advanced warning at the beginning of the post so you can skip it if that's just not your thing.

~Lately I've been taking my Drunken Midget to school in my jammies. Is that just totally lazy or what? I get some weird looks too, but I'm ok with that. Since I've been sick I've been sleeping till 7:15 (as opposed to 5) and dragging myself out of bed to leave at 7:20 is hard enough without having to get dressed on top of it.

~Both Drunken Midgets are finally back at school. Yay! Not like I can enjoy it though cuz I have on average 3 appointments a day for this week. So much for resting and recuperating from this virus.

~I have this neighbor that makes me crazy. She's an older lady and she's down at my door all the time asking to bum smokes or asking for rides places. I feel like I have a 3rd child. Now, I don't mind helping out my fellow human but for a while she was coming down 7 or 8 times a day and telling the girls to wake me up if I was sleeping, stuff like that. Now, that's a bit much. I finally just started saying no and she quit bugging me for a while, but the last couple of times I've seen her she's been stalking me loitering in the lobby of my apartment just when I get home from dropping off the Drunken Midget and she's started sobbing about how she needs a ride to Western Union to get money. How am I supposed to say no to some elderly lady sobbing to me over her troubles? *sigh*

Not to mention that when I give her a ride to the store she buys one pack of smokes at a time. Now, if you didn't have a car and depended on your sickly and crippled neighbor lady (that would be me) to get you to the store, wouldn't you buy more than one pack at a time when said neighbor takes you there?

So yeah, she's making me crazy.

~Does anybody have a spell they can send me to get rid of a succubus neighbor lady?

~I'm going to try a new pork chop recipe this week. It's really easy (it has to be if I'm gonna cook it), you just chop up some potatoes, stick them in a roasting pan, cover them with 2 cans of cream of chicken soup, brown 4 pork chops on the stove, then put them on top of the potatoes/cream of chicken soup and bake for an hour at 350. Or was it 325? I'll have to ask my mom, she gave me the recipe. I think it's 350 though.

~Though not technically colorblind I might as well be as I have the hardest time matching colors for outfits. If I'm going somewhere nice and actually care that my clothes match, my Midgets have to dress me.

~I'm Batman.

~If you watched the very beginning of the 2nd season of 'The Big Bang Theory', you'll get the above random thought.

~I told my daughter that I wanted my house to look like Sheldon and Leonard's house (again with 'The Big Bang Theory') and she said, Why? I told her because it's clean and she just rolled her eyes.

~My house has been declared an official disaster area and they are sending in a Hazmat team. *sigh* On the bright side, if there's ever a nuclear war my Midgets and I will survive it, along with cockroaches and Keith Richards.

~I love Keith Richards in Pirates 3. He is a fantastic pirate and perfect to play Johnny Depp's Dad.

~My daughter's boss once remarked that he'd 'turn gay' for Johnny Depp. LMAO

~There's a Facebook Flair that says, "My spork thinks it's Batman." So my youngest broke the center tine off of a spork, named it Batman and carried it around for a week.

K, I'm off to ready myself for my first appointment.

Sunday, October 25, 2009

Happy Hour Friday on Sunday

Hello all. I've spent most of the weekend laying around taking my temperature and drinking juice. Oh, and I spent a large chunk of time watching the Transporter movies. Jason Statham so kicks ass. I especially loves it when he does it without a shirt, and even more in the first movie when he does it shirtless and covered in oil. Okay, so technically, he wasn't covered in oil, it was some kind of candy. Liquid licorice if I remember correctly. Whatever. He still looked damn good, if a bit sticky.

Since I'm still feeling crappy I almost decided not to do Happy Hour Friday, but what better time to remember what makes you happy than when you're feeling like shit? So, this is my Happy Hour Friday (on Sunday)

~Horses make me happy. I've always wanted my own horse. Though, cleaning up after said horse wouldn't make me happy so I'd have to pay someone else to do that.

~Cuddling up in my bed and watching movies makes me happy.

~Jason Statham covered in licorice makes me happy. (You really didn't think I was going to skip that one did ya?)

~Finishing a new poem makes me happy. I managed to do post a new poem on my writing blog for a prompt at my writing prompt site Jane's Inspirations.

~New jammies make me happy. There's nothing like putting on a new pair of PJs before you crawl into a nice made bed. I got new jammies last week and it made being sick so much more cozy.

~I think I've mentioned this before but I'm saying it again cuz it makes me so happy: It's getting dark earlier and earlier and I love it! Pretty soon it will be dark by 5!

~I finally got my printer fixed and that makes me happy! No more having to go to my 'rent's house to print stuff out.

~Watching The Big Bang Theory makes me happy. I just got season 2 in the mail and I can't wait to watch it. That show is hilarious!

Don't forget to drop by and see Otin!

Well, I'm off to bed again. I'll be catching up on my blog reading tomorrow!


Friday, October 23, 2009

An Award! Woo-hoo!

I got an award from Miss Angie at My Co-Called Chaos. Yay! Thanks! With this award comes a survey, and here are the questions:

1. Where is your cell phone?
In my purse, dead.
2. Your hair? I miss it. It used to be down to my waist, but I cut it off to donate it and now it's just below my shoulders. I don't regret donating it, but I miss it.
3. Your mother? Let's not go there. I love her, but definitely not going there.
4. Your father? A good man.
5. Your favorite food? Roast beef, potatoes, and carrots.
6. Your dream last night? I rarely remember my dreams. When I do they are usually nightmares.
7. Your favorite drink? Don't have one. I usually drink Mountain Dew if I happen to buy a pop.
8. Your dream/goal? To publish my writing.
9. What room are you in? The living room.
10. Your hobby? Reading. Learning. Being weird.
11. Your fear? Snakes. Sharks. Spiders. Strange that they all start with S.
12. Where do you want to be in 6 years? Alaska.
13. Where were you last night? Out for shakes at Snuffy's with the youngest Drunken Midget. It just about killed me but I promised her last week we'd go.
14. Something that you aren’t? Cold. Ever. No, I just lied. I was cold last night. But that's cuz I'm sick.
15. Muffins? Mmmm nummmy. Double chocolate chip muffins.
16. Wish list item? Laptop. New car. Nice gloves. Books. A cauldron. A life.
17. Where did you grow up? The Seventh Circle of Hell, also known as Suburbia.
18. Last thing you did? Curled up in bed and died from whatever illness I have now.
19. What are you wearing? PJs. Dark blue with stars on the pants.
20. Your TV? I have 3 tvs but no reception (I don't have cable or a digital box) so I don't watch any tv, just DVDs.
21. Your pets? 2 cats, Meadow and Dakota; a parakeet, Delilah; two mice, I can't remember what the youngest named them.
22. Friends? I love them, especially my bestest gf who is my soul sister!
23. Your life? What life?
24. Your mood? Contagious.
25. Missing someone? Nope.
26. Vehicle? 1995 Geo Prizm, name: Sally. I love that car, but she's falling apart!
27. Something you’re not wearing? Jewelry.
28. Your favorite store? Half Price Books
29. Your favorite color? Purple. Black.
30. When was the last time you laughed? Last night at dinner with my youngest.
31. Last time you cried? A couple weeks ago.
32. Your best friend? Completely and totally rocks!
33. One place that I go to over and over? I'm agoraphobic so I don't leave the house much. When I do leave, it's usually to go to Half Price Books.
34. One person who emails me regularly? Too many to name.
35. Favorite place to eat? Bakers Square. I get a discount cuz one of my Drunken Midgets works there.

K, I'm supposed to pass this on, but to be quite honest I'm just feeling to crappy to decide who should get it. Plus, I think all my readers deserve this award, so I tag everyone! If you want to post this award on your blog and answer the survey questions, please do, then leave a comment so I can come see.

P.S. I will likely be posting Happy Hour Friday tomorrow. Or Sunday. Either way, I'll be a bit late with it, sorry!

Thursday, October 22, 2009

A Short Update

My apologies to all who have left comments, I am very behind on answering them. Also, I'm very behind on my blog reading, which hopefully will be caught up on soon. I am now sick with something, though at this point what that could be is anybody's guess, but whatever it is sucks royally. So there's that, and then I've had about 3 appointments every day so there has been much running around. There are several more today but I'm canceling 2 of them, I'm just too sick to do all of them.

After being sick with mono and strep forever, the eldest had an allergic reaction to her antibiotics so the poor thing has an itchy rash all over her body. I feel so bad for her. But, I think she's well enough to go to school today, or at least that's what she decided last night, so both Drunken Midgets will be in school, finally.

Well, that's all the blogging I got in me for now. I hope that everyone out in the blog world is doing well.


Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Random Tuesday Again


It is Tuesday yet again, and as such, time for Random Tuesday Thoughts, courtesy of Keely over at The Un Mom. So head over to her blog, grab the banner, and get your random on!

~I have been trying to find an iron cauldron forever. I don't want to pay a ton for it so I refuse to buy it online, but I've been watching for one at thrift stores, garage sales, etc. I might have to find a flea market next summer if I haven't found one by then.

~My very favorite holiday special is, "It's the Great Pumpkin Charlie Brown!"

~My cat, Dakota, loves marshmallows. He goes absolutely nuts if I open a bag of them. Crazier than when I open a bag of catnip. Last night I was laying in bed munching on a few and he came running when he smelled them, so I gave him a couple. After he inhaled those he was sniffing all over the place for more, under the covers, in my purse, in my nightstand drawer, he even sniffed around inside my pill bottle when I opened it to take my meds, like I had some hidden in there. It was hilarious!

~Why is it that even though I own like 500 lighters I can never find one when I need one? I come across them all the time when I don't need one, but when I do, it's like they all cease to exist.

~The U.S. military budget runs about $1.9 million every MINUTE.

~Here in the U.S. we pay about twice what other people in developed countries pay for health care and we get a lot less coverage.

~The icon on my desktop that's for my flash drive looks like one of those stick pregnancy tests.

~I hate having to sleep. It takes time away from all the things I need (and want) to do. If I could stay awake 24/7 I so would.

~I find the Kill Bill movies to be very inspirational-especially the scene where Uma Thurman is in the 'Pussy Wagon' trying to make her big toe, muscles atrophied from 4 years in a coma, move by sheer force of will. Then, after 13 hours of willing each muscle to move, she's kicking major ass. Now that's determination!

~Oprah bugs me. I don't know why, she just does.

~I love cayenne (red) pepper. I put it on just about everything, pizza, chili, eggs, rice, baked potatoes, etc. I even put the crushed pepper in my cheese when I eat a pretzel and cheese at the mall. The Drunken Midgets think it's beyond gross, but I love it.

Ok, that's all for me today. I'm actually feeling a bit ill. I hope I'm not getting strep or mono or both. I'm behind on answering some of my comments, but I'll get to that soon. Sorry about the delay!

Monday, October 19, 2009

Totally Refreshed and Renewed

This weekend was wonderful. Absolutely delightful. I had peace and quiet and plenty of solitude. It was very refreshing and I feel like a new person. Surprisingly I didn't blog at all, but spent my time watching Kill Bill 1 & 2, which I just have to watch again soon cuz I forget how good those movies are. Uma Thurman really kicks some major ass!

In addition to watching movies I also read some but not a lot cuz I kept falling asleep every time I tried to read. Last week was a very exhausting week and by Friday I was at the end of my endurance and needed the sleep. I didn't sleep a lot though so that my time alone wouldn't pass by too fast.

So yeah, a very blissful weekend.

I keep trying to get the eldest to watch the Kill Bill movies but she hasn't felt like it yet. I guess if I was (were?) nauseous I wouldn't want to watch Uma Thurman rip a guy's tongue out with her teeth either, no matter how much he deserved it. She loved Inglorious Bastards, another Quentin Tarantino movie, and I know she'll love Kill Bill. I want to watch Reservoir Dogs again too, it's been ages since I've seen that one. That's one I need to buy.

Yet, I feel kinda guilty watching his movies, cuz, after all, I am a pacifist at heart, but his movies are just amazing. I've never been one for a Chick Flick, they tend to make me nauseous, but give me a movie with lots of shooting or swordplay and I'm all over that. All my favorite movies are violent ones, go figure. I guess that just makes me a typical American. lol We love our violence, don't we? We must, judging by how much money violent movies gross every year. A sad commentary on our society? Maybe. But, I'm not giving up Kill Bill for anyone or anything, not even my pacifist ideals. If or when I gleefully embark upon a rapacious rampage of revenge, then we can have this conversation again.

Now I'm just rambling. Sorry. Hmmm what else is new here? Well, one daughter is totally healthy (thank you healing spell) and the other is recovering. She was actually awake for a few hours yesterday, which is the most she's been awake in a week. Hopefully she'll be back at school within the next few days. She shouldn't go back too soon though or she might overexert herself and then it will take her longer to heal. Mono really does suck. At least it seems the antibiotics are taking care of the strep and now she doesn't feel so much sick as she does tired.

K, well, I'm off. I have a ton of cleaning to do cuz I didn't do a damn thing this weekend!


Friday, October 16, 2009

Rockin' Sum 41

I know I've already blogged today (see below) but I had to post this Sum 41 vid cuz I'm bored, rockin' out, and have nothing better to do!

Some Rambling and Happy Hour Friday

It's time for Happy Hour Friday and I'll get to that, but first I'm going to ramble for a bit. Hope you don't mind. Actually, I'm going to whether you mind or not, so deal. :-)

As the eldest is bored out of her mind with being sick and having no tv, I will get some time to myself after all as she is going to stay at grandma's part of this weekend while grandma, grandpa and her sister are at the cabin. That way she gets to watch cable and I get some time to myself. Thank Goddess, cuz I just really need some time. I'll be checking on her periodically, but that's ok. I can deal with that. Thankfully (or not, depending on your perspective of my life) my parent's only live a few miles from us so it's not far.

So yes, free time for Raven! Woo-hoo! I will be using this time to myself to the best of my ability. There's no money in the budget to go out so I'll likely be online a lot, reading, blaring Godsmack and Mudvayne my iPod at 50,000 decibels, watching DVDs and vids on YouTube, whatever my little heart desires. I've been wanting to watch the Kill Bill movies again for a while now so I may have to put them in. I think a little a lot of violence may be just what I need right now.

There's nothing like a very, very sexy woman with a very, very long sword kicking ass and taking names all over the place. Ok, I'm starting to sound like a man now. And yes, I have no life, but I'm so very ok with that right now. I've been running around so much that if I didn't have to leave my house again for the next 5 years I'd be thrilled. I think a few hours in the dark with Uma Thurman and her sword on a mad rampage of rambunctious revenge will be very therapeutic.

I think I've finally lost my mind.

Anyway, onto Happy Hour Friday! If you want to participate don't forget to head over to Otin, and then he links to a couple people as well. So, what makes me happy this week? Well, let me tell you!

~This one didn't occur to me until the recent bout of never-ending illness--having a plague-free house! Which I will hopefully have again soon.

~Snow makes me so very happy. I hope we get some this weekend.

~Solitude and not having to leave my house thrills me!

~I've said it before and I'll say it again, my Drunken Midgets make me so very happy. They are everything to me, even when I need them to be away from me! lol

~I've probably mentioned this before too, but this cold weather is making me ecstatic. Even if it doesn't snow I'm just thrilled it's in the 30's. And with the Midgets not home I don't even have to turn on the heat! Yay!

~Looking ahead to the rest of the weekend and having absolutely nothing that I have to do is pure bliss!

~Looking ahead to Thanksgiving in November-turkey with all the fixins makes me very happy.

~Looking even further ahead to Christmas-spending time with my family, especially my adorable little nephews makes me very, very happy.

~Having a heated, underground garage for my 14 year old car makes me happy.

~Being able to shut the blinds and pretend I'm the only person in the world makes me happy too.

Okay, well, I'm off now to get the eldest ready to head over to grandma's.


Thursday, October 15, 2009

Headless Chicken, Stress, and Tarot

Update: Back from the doctor and running around and have a minute to breathe before the next bit of running around. It seems that strep daughter also has mono. So yeah, that's epic fun I'm sure. She is expected to be sick for at least 2 more weeks. And, though I was finally feeling better from when I was sick a couple weeks ago now my throat hurts and I have a fever. Or at least I think I have a fever. My face is flaming hot but the youngest lost my thermometer. Again.

So, that's what's new with us. When it rains it pours. lol

Yesterday I ran all over town like a chicken with its head cut off. Of course, when I mentioned that to my ever-so-literal Drunken Midget she said, 'But if you didn't have a head you'd be dead.' I replied, 'Unless you're that chicken that had it's head cut off and then lived for seven years.' To which she had no reply. I love it when I render her speechless, cuz she so rarely is and almost always has the last word, which makes me want to scream.

Did you hear about that chicken? Yupp. It lived with no head for a long time. Maybe it wasn't seven years, maybe it was five, but still. It lived much longer than you'd expect it to with no head and all.

Ok, I looked it up, it was bugging me, and I was way off, it was 18 months. But again I say, still, that's a long time to run around with no head. You can find an article here if you are so inclined. Oh, and if you're interested, his name was Mike. So technically he wasn't a chicken, he was a rooster, but whatever, you get the point.

Not sure why I'm fixated on headless chickens today. Must be the stress.

So yeah, running all over town for appointments and errands and by the time I got home last night I was done for and crawled into my pjs and then into bed even though it wasn't even 6 p.m. Today I have much of the same. The strep daughter has to go back to the doc cuz the antibiotics aren't working, then at 2 I have to run out to Minnetonka for an appointment for one Midget, come home, sit there for 45 minutes, then go back to Minnetonka to the very same place for an appointment for the other Midget at five. And somewhere in between all that I have to pick up the youngest at Grandma's where she spent the night last night.

And the strep Midget might not go to the cabin if she is still sick so there goes my weekend of relaxation.

*heavy sigh*

I really needed that with them being sick for 2 weeks now. Or is it 3? I can't remember. All the days just kind of fade together into a big blur of raging illness and vomit. Doesn't that sound tasty? But, I'll persevere. I always do. That's what being a mom is all about right? Being pushed to the end of your limits and then about 67 miles past that? And I think I can even manage to persevere without my head spinning around 360 degrees and spitting pea soup. That would just be messy and uncomfortable. The last thing I need is one more mess to clean up.

At least one of the Midgets isn't sick anymore. I made a doctor's appointment for the non strep daughter yesterday while she was at school cuz she was still feeling crappy when I dropped her off, but then when I picked her up she was all, "Oh, I feel great!" So, I was able to cancel at least one appointment, thank Goddess. Must have been that healing spell I did. Now if it would only work it's magick on the eldest.

Then, yesterday, I did my budget for the week and had a few bucks left over so I was going to stop by the used bookstore after my doctor's appointment since it is across the street from the doctor's office. But before I left I did my daily Tarot reading. It said that my finances were not looking as good as I thought they looked so I went back and went over my budget again and it turns out I made a $30 mistake in my math so if I had stopped at the bookstore I wouldn't have been able to pay my phone bill. Thank Goddess I did that reading!

Have I mentioned lately how much I love being a Witch? Hehehe

Ok, I guess that's enough rambling for now. I think I'm starting to feel a bit manic. Not that I'm complaining about that. I haven't had a manic episode for a while and would kinda like feeling euphoric and invincible for a bit. The crashing sucks, but the ride up is a hell of a ride.

K, I'm off!


Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Pondering and Plague Central

Have you ever had friends or an ex that are like a cancer in that they just keep coming back in an attempt to infest your life and won't leave you alone? I have several friends and ex bfs like that. They call and call and you don't call them back, they show up at your house or you run into them around town and they just can't seem to get the hint that you don't want to have anything to do with them anymore. I mean, if I call a person a few times and they don't call me back, I take the hint and I stop freaking calling. I wouldn't continue to call them endlessly etc. Do I really need to say to these people directly, "I don't want you in my life, stop contacting me"? Are they just gluttons for punishment? Or just really, really oblivious? Or maybe they think if they bother me enough I'll cave and let them back in my life. Not gonna happen.

That may sound cruel and heartless but I only have so much time and energy and I'm careful about who I give that time and energy to. I especially can't stand energy suckers. You know the type, they constantly suck your energy. It's like they are a swirling vortex of voracious need and they survive by sucking the energy out of other people. It's like being cannibalized.

So, I have this ex bf and he's been trying to get in touch with me off and on for years. For religious reasons I change my phone number every few years (Just kidding. I do change my phone number every so often but that has nothing to do with religion.) and he's even called my parents several times to leave messages for me. I never call him back. Hint. Hint. Hint.

Now he's looked me up on Facebook. *sigh* I just knew I would regret using my real name on Facebook. I had my account under a pseudonym forever but for some stupid reason changed it to my real name. Stupid. Stupid. Stupid. First my mother looked me up (yes, my mother is my friend on Facebook *screams in frustration*) and now this ex bf has sent me an email. I haven't read it yet but if it's interesting in any way I'll have to blog about it.

Now, don't get me wrong. This guy is not a horrible person, he's not even an energy sucker, I'm just not sure if I want to let him into my life again, even as a friend. He's from a chapter in my life that is closed and I don't know if want to go there again. I'm the kind of person that tends to leave the past in the past.

Ok, just went and read the email. He's just wondering if I'm the person that he thinks I am. He's not sure if it's me yet. So, do I respond? Do I ignore it? I mean I'm sure it's totally harmless. I really don't think he's trying to hook up again. I may be a Leo but I'm not that egotistical. He's probably married with ten kids by now. He probably just wants to say hi. I'm probably making much more of this than I need to like I do with a lot of things. Yet, I have this nagging voice telling me to leave it alone. Decisions, decisions.

Onto other things...

My Drunken Midget is still sick despite the antibiotics, getting worse actually. The vomit festival started last night. Poor Midget. I'll have to call the doctor and see if they can prescribe a stronger antibiotic as this one obviously isn't working. She shouldn't be getting worse. Hopefully they will just call something in and we won't have to go back into the doctor's office. Last time we were in the doc was like, "You guys are in here too much!" No kidding. She's seen us about every 2 weeks for several months now for one thing or another.

I feel like our house has been hit by the plague and I should set up a makeshift medical tent in my living room. I can even hear the guy with the cart coming up the lane crying, "Bring out your dead! Bring out your dead!" Sorry, couldn't resist a Monty Python reference there. The other Drunken Midget still isn't feeling well either, but she's used up most of her sick days so has to go to school anyway or she'll have to repeat her grade. I just don't know what to do. The doc can't find anything specific wrong with her, unless she's contracted strep from her sister now, but she said her throat doesn't hurt. But then, her sister's throat didn't hurt much either.

K, I'm outta here, but before I go I leave you with my fav vid by Flogging Molly.

Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Random, Random, Random


Yes, it's Tuesday, and time for Random Tuesday Thoughts. I'm feeling a bit overburdened and stressed so my random may be a bit slim today but I'm gonna give it a go anyway.

~My eldest has strep throat so I'm praying the rest of us don't get it. She's home today but can go back to school tomorrow. Thank Goddess!

~I am stressed to the max and at the end of my rope. Finally the youngest has 'agreed' to go back to school today (isn't that nice of her?) and the eldest will be back tomorrow once she's no longer contagious. Then they have Thursday and Friday off.


But, they are going to the cabin this weekend with my parents so I will have a break, finally. You have no idea how much I'm looking forward to that!!

~Why is it that the people we love the most make us the most insane??

~My youngest baked pumpkin cookies 3 weeks ago. I still have pumpkin all over the walls of my kitchen.

~I love the music from the Lock, Stock & Two Smoking Barrels soundtrack. It's a British flick starring Jason Statham and some other blokes. It's about some criminals that just can't seem to get it right and not only is it hilarious but the soundtrack is awesome.

~I feel like my brain melted and oozed out my ear to form a puddle of goo on the floor.

~Did you know that every time you lick a stamp you consume 1/10 of a calorie? So apparently even sending mail makes you fat.

~The average person will spend 2 weeks of their lifetime waiting for the traffic light to change.

~When being chased by zombies, you don't have to outrun the zombies, just the friend who is running next to you. Tripping said friend helps too.

~In your lifetime you will shed over 4o lbs of skin.

~Sherlock Holmes never said, "Elementary, my dear Watson."

~Rapper Ice Cube's real name is O'Shea Jackson.

~A 'jiffy' is an actual unit of time for 1/100th of a second.

~The Bible, the world's bestselling book is also the world's most shoplifted book. LMFAO!

~The microwave was invented after a researcher walked by a radar tube and a chocolate bar melted in his pocket. I'd be worried about my future fertility if I were him!

~My mother always told me not to swallow my gum cuz it takes 7 years to digest. However, it is not digested at all by the gastrointestinal system and usually passes within 24 hours.

~Thirty-five percent of people who use personal ads for dating are already married. I'd be interested to know how many of those are men and how many are women.

The fun, random facts I posted today are courtesy of Random Fun Facts.

If you want to participate in Random Tuesday Thoughts head over to Keely, grab the badge, and get your random on!

Monday, October 12, 2009

Calgon Take Me Away!

Finally, the sick Drunken Midget is all ready to be dropped off at school and just when I think I'll have the house to myself...the other one comes stumbling out into the living room looking like a freshly raised zombie. Apparently her glands are all swollen and she is nauseous, winded and so tired she can't stay awake.

So, now it's off to the doctor again, cuz her cousin had mono a while back, which means I'll likely have to cancel my appointments for the day and postpone everything else I had to do.



I know this is all part of being a parent, and believe me, though I complain about it I wouldn't change it for the world, it's just that when you're a single parent and it all falls on you and you've had one kid or another home sick since school started, and you've been juggling endless doctor's appointments with all the rest of everyday life, it gets a bit overwhelming.

So yeah. Epic fun.

In other news, it is snowing again. We already have between an inch and two inches and we are supposed to get one more. Don't get me wrong, I love snow. But, still, it is October! I kinda feel like we bypassed fall, my favorite season and went straight to winter (my second favorite season). But, to be honest I'm just thrilled it's not summer anymore, summer being my least favorite season of all.

And now the other Drunken Midget is complaining that her stomach still hurts. After missing 11 days of school I just can't let her stay home but she's got the thermometer out and she's praying for a fever.


Funny how she wasn't sick at all the last 3 days when there was no school.

Like I said. Epic fun.

K, well, I'm off to try to get at least one Drunken Midget off to school. Wish me luck cuz the arguments and tears have already begun.


Sunday, October 11, 2009

Snow, Mad Scientist, Fake Fighting and Dear So and So

It snowed on Friday night!!! Ok, so it wasn't much, but it was snow! I love snow! Unfortunately it happened to snow when my eldest was on the way back from the water park (we have an indoor one that's open year round) and at first she figured that since it's only October it would just be flurries, but next thing she knew it was a near blizzard and she could barely see the road. She wasn't real happy it snowed but I was thrilled. I just wish I had been awake to see it.

Ok, now all of you out there that are going, "Snow in October, are you freaking nuts?" can slap me and I'll get on with my post.

All righty then.

I just can't kick this damn stupervirus that is plaguing me. I've been feeling so crappy I've been in my pj's since Thursday. Well, I've changed into different pj's but that's as close as I've come to actually getting dressed. It's really starting to get old, let me tell you. I'm about ready to set up my own makeshift lab and experiment away like a mad scientist until I find a cure. Of course, then I'd likely blow up my house and that just wouldn't be pretty, not to mention that the landlord would probably sue me and there would be months in court and all that so I guess I'll just buy more Echenacea and wait for nature to take its course. I'd love to do a healing spell but I've been too sick! Go figure.

My 18 year old cracks me up. To keep themselves (and everyone else) from getting bored at school she gets into pretend fights with her girl friends. Not knock down drag 'em out fights, but screaming matches where, for instance, 3 of them will pretend that two of them are going out and one of them cheated on the other with the 3rd person. (did you catch all that?) So they will just be screaming at each other in the commons area "I can't believe you cheated on me with that whore!" and other such things. Of course, everyone stops what they are doing to watch the drama play out, it sounds hilarious.

And, lest you think I forgot, here are my Dear So and So letters for this week:

Dear Drunken Midget,

On Monday you are going to school, plague or no plague. You have missed 11 days since school started, you had Thursday and Friday of this past week and have Thursday and Friday off this week. I feel like summer never ended and pretty soon the men in white coats will be pounding down the door to fit me for one of those fashionable jackets with the sleeves in the back. Not to mention that the lady from the attendance board has gathered a small but bloodthirsty mob wielding flaming torches and pitchforks. If I call you in sick one more time they will be at the door screaming for my head.

With much love,

Your Distraught Mother


Dear Other Drunken Midget,

When I say to clean the bathroom I do not mean to pick up some stuff and rearrange the rest so that it looks like you did something. In fact, anytime I tell you to clean something, that is unequivocally NOT what I mean. When I assign you a chore, visualize in your head what it looks like when I clean it. See how neat it is with everything put away where it belongs and no garbage on the floor? That is what I want you to do. Until then you will not even think about using my car. I will eat the keys before I allow you to take it when the house looks like this. BTW, do we have any BBQ sauce?

With much love,

Your Very Irritated Mother


Dear School District,

What is up with giving the kids all these days off? I never had this many days off when I was a kid. In October alone they have 4 days off of school. Then there is the week over Thanksgiving and 2 weeks over Christmas. Not to mention the workshops and end of quarter days. I won't even get into next year. Are you trying to kill me? Is that your evil plan? Cuz letting my kids stay home so many days? Pure evil. I love them dearly but I need them out of the house during the day. I have blogging many, many important things to attend to. Please take that into consideration when formatting your schedule for next year.


A Disgruntled Parent


Dear Cat,

If I wake up and step in warm, sticky, ooey, icky vomit one more time I'm sewing your mouth shut. There is nothing worse than cat vomit between your toes first thing in the morning. If you must puke everywhere, can you at least NOT do it in the high traffic areas?

With Disgust,

Your Owner


If you want to participate in Dear So and So, head on over to Kat's blog!


Friday, October 9, 2009

Indulging in Happy Hour Friday

It is Friday once again and time to list all the things that make me happy! I love this meme. If you want to participate in Happy Hour Friday head over to Otin (and wish him a happy belated birthday too) and Rx Bambi and get your happy on!

~My book collection brings me a lot of pleasure, it is very eclectic and I have a little of everything: science (quantum physics and Einstein mostly), spirituality, Witchcraft, history, women's studies, vampire fiction, fantasy fiction, feminist fiction (such as Margaret Atwood) and classics like The Iliad and The Picture of Dorian Gray.

~Lilacs make me happy. They are my favorite flower.

~Lord of the Rings makes me happy-I love those movies (and the books)!! (I'm a geek, I know!)

~Native American drumming and chanting makes me happy-I'm listening to it right now on my iPod.

~I love my Aches and Pains body wash. It smells so good and eases some of my physical pain which makes me very happy.

~Dragonlance makes me happy. It's a series by Weiss and Hickman and I'm rereading it now for like the 3rd or 4th time. It's my favorite series. After I'm done with that trilogy I'm onto their War of the Souls Trilogy.

~My spirituality brings me much happiness and peace.

~Candles make me happy. It is so peaceful and soothing to sit in candlelight.

~My best friend makes me happy. We can sit on the phone for hours at a time and talk about nothing and everything.

~A nice, neat, made bed makes me happy. I love crawling into a made bed. Not that I make mine all that often, I just love it when I do.

~My computer makes me happy, if I didn't have internet to blog I don't know what I'd do.

Ok, that's all the happy I got today!


Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Randomly Funny

Oh yes, it's time for Random Tuesday Thoughts (wasn't last Tuesday just yesterday?) If you want to post your own random thoughts, head over to Keely at The Un Mom and random away!

~I'm feeling very unenthusiastic today. I'm sick and my house is a mess cuz Goddess forbid the Drunken Midgets clean if I'm not out here nagging them every two minutes to NOT throw their wrappers on the floor and NOT leave their dishes all over the living room (and hallway and bathroom-I mean seriously, who eats cereal in the bathroom???).


So yeah, there will be some grounding going on today and the Drunken Midgets are not going to be happy about it. Neither will I cuz grounding your kids is like punishing yourself cuz they are stuck in the house with nothing to do but make you crazy.

But, since I'm a little homicidal crabby I'm going to make myself in a good mood by posting some random funny stuff.

And one random thought before I go...

~I've always wanted to run around naked under the light of the full moon but I'm afraid of werewolves and zombies.

There, now I feel better! Don't you?

Sunday, October 4, 2009

Bloggy Love!!

Hello all! I'm still sick but the good news is my back is much better today after 2 days in bed. Thank Dog cuz I was about to...lie there and do nothing. So, despite the coughing, hacking, sore throat, nausea and fever, I feel like a million bucks cuz I can walk again!!

That is just so sad.

So, I got some blog love from The Guy's Perspective. They listed some great blogs and mine just happened to be one of them. Thanks Guys! Go check them out, the Guys rock!

And, I got an award from The Crazy Coxes!

The Kreativ Blogger Award!! I have to pass it onto 7 people and say 7 things about myself. I need a minute to think about who I'm going to pass it onto, mainly cuz I don't know who accepts awards and who doesn't.

7 things about me

This is going to be hard cuz I pretty much share everything about me on my blog and there is very little I won't say, so there's not much that isn't already out there. But, here we go.

1. I'm afraid of sharks and spiders. Terrified. Can't even look at pictures of 'em. Once I had to look up a picture of a spider to accompany a poem a wrote and I stumbled across pics of the desert spider that has legs almost as long as a human's. *shudders* I still have nightmares. Go ahead, Google it, I dare ya! And as far as the sharks go, I've don't live by the ocean, I've never been in it, so I don't know why I'm so afraid of them. But when I did go to see the ocean, both times I refused to even put a toe in the water lest Jaws rise up from the depths and swallow me whole.

2. I have 2 beautiful teenage daughters whom I lovingly call my Drunken Midgets (I stole that term from Dennis Leary). They are amazing girls, ages 14 and 17, and I am so proud of them. They are my light, my life and my world. And thankfully neither of them are dating yet!

3. My favorite shows are The X-Files, Charmed, Angel, Buffy, Supernatural, pretty much anything that has to do with the supernatural in any way. With the exception of Charmed, which I'm still working on buying, I own every season of each of those shows and watch them all the time. I'm a supernatural junkie!! (I also love Burn Notice, but that's the only one of my favs that isn't oriented around the supernatural)

4. Black is my favorite color. I love it. Partly cuz it's slimming and it goes with everything. My kids always tell me I look like I'm going to a funeral because more often that not I'm dressed in all black. But I also love it cuz it's just a great color. I'm not goth or anything, just love black.

5. I am anxiously awaiting an email from SageWoman magazine. I submitted an article for publication in August and they told me they would consider it and make a decision sometime in October. I'm dying with anticipation.

6. I collect strange things, like gargoyles and witches. I have a bunch of them and I keep them up year round. My kids' friends are always like, "Um does your mom know Halloween is over?" I collect other Samhain/Halloween decorations too but only the witches and gargoyles stay up all year.

7. My favorite meal is butt rump roast, roasted carrots and potatoes, and mashed potatoes. I rarely make it cuz the roast is so expensive, but it's so nummy! I put a packet of Lipton onion soup mix on the roast, carrots, and potatoes, roast the hell out of 'em and it's to die for!!

I tried to come up with some new things so if I've mentioned most or all of those things before, I apologize, but I am sick so I'm not thinking straight. Ok, now to pass it on...

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K, the stupervirus is overcoming me once again. Must.Go.Lie.Down.


Saturday, October 3, 2009

Quick, Quick, Quick Update

Just a quick update. I'm behind on my blog reading, sorry all, I will be catching up as soon as I'm feeling better. In addition to being sick it's been raining and the arthritis in my back is screaming and clawing at me. Last night all I could do was lie in bed with an icepack on my low back groaning and moaning every time I coughed. But my Drunken Midget was an angel and fetched me everything I needed so I didn't have to crawl anywhere but the bathroom. She's such a sweetie.

So, in between her grabbing things for me, we hung out in my bed most of the night and watched season 4 of Supernatural. It so rocks despite the whole Biblical battle focus and the witches serve Satan and anti-Pagan attitudes. However, I can overlook that for Jared Padalecki and Jensen Ackles.

Ok, I'm headed back to bed with my ice pack before I curl up in a ball and die right here. I'll be catching up on all your blogs as soon as I'm able. Thanks for all the wonderful comments all!


Thursday, October 1, 2009

So Much to Say, So Much to Say

I am feeling much better today, well emotionally anyway. I'm not nearly so crabby, which is good cuz I just can't stand being that crabby and I always want to run away from myself when I'm in that kind of foul, foul mood.

Physically though I feel like I got run over by a semi, eaten by a bear, puked up all over the sidewalk then stomped on by a rabid clown. I was sick a bit ago but recovered really quickly, which is unusual for me cuz usually when I get a cold I get bronchitis or pneumonia, but I was really happy I didn't. Well, now I know why I recovered so quickly, the virus was just incubating and mutating inside of me to reemerge as a Stupervirus that's kicking my Stuperhero ass.

So, I've had sick Drunken Midgets home too and on Monday some lady on the attendance board called all pissed off that my kids had missed so much school already and gave me this huge attitude, telling me she expected them to be in school on Tuesday. So, they were feeling a little better, but not totally but I sent them as per her threat request. So they went Tuesday, yesterday and one went today but the other was too sick.

Then today I get a call from the school nurse who tells me that my other Midget is sick and has a fever and can I please come retrieve her? And she has this total attitude with me like, why would you send your kid to school sick? Oh, I don't know, maybe because the attendance board lady called me and yelled at me for keeping them home and told me that the state could file neglect charges against me if they missed too much school. You just can't win with these people. Fuck!

So, I found two new awesome CDs for you music lovers out there. The first one is Cage the Elephant's self-titled CD. The first song I heard from them was 'No Rest for the Wicked' and I loved it. When I checked out the rest of the album on iTunes I had to have it. This is some fantabulous alternative rock ya'll!!

The second one is by a band I already know and love, Jet. It's their newest CD Shaka Rock and woo boy does it rock!! It's my favorite CD they've done so far. And no, it's not metal for those of you who like Rock N' Roll Lite. It's a phenomenal CD so check it out!

And, before I'm off to crawl back into bed, I leave you with this vid by Cage the Elephant.

Oh, and as I'm sick I will not be answering my comments from yesterday or reading blogs today but I'll hopefully get to all that tomorrow.