Thursday, May 27, 2010

Just Some Stuff

Hello all! I hope everyone in cyberspace is doing well. I am in a great mood today. I am bustin' out of this gin joint and heading up north tomorrow. I can't wait. I haven't been to my parent's cabin in years and I'm feeling the need to get back to nature. And the best part is I can commune with nature and don't even have to 'rough it.' Their cabin is a four bedroom, two bath lake home complete with internet access so I can have all the modern conveniences and get back to nature at the same time. Now that's my kind of vacation. It will be nice to have some time with my family too, especially since I hardly see my eldest Drunken Midget anymore. She's 18 and off doing her own thing most of the time so she's hardly ever home.

Although, true to my luck, the Check Engine Soon light came on in my car this morning so now I'm scrambling to get it in to be looked at before we leave. Hopefully it won't be anything huge and expensive to fix. It just figures that it had to come on the day before we're leaving. But, if I need to I can take my mom's car, so it's all good. Not even that can ruin my good mood. At least not until I get the bill for the repairs. hehe

And don't worry all, the mailman is just fine. Remember to review the DISCLAIMER on my sidebar anytime I threaten violence.

For those of you who are wondering, and even if you aren't, our duck egg never hatched. I'm rather happy about that fact cuz I really did not want to have to deal with a baby duck. We don't live on a farm, after all.

I am so excited, I spent all day doing laundry yesterday. No, I'm not excited about the actual doing of the laundry, but I am excited to have clean clothes again. I've been putting of doing it forever and was down to my last outfit, and it wasn't a pretty one either. A blinding riot of mismatched color, it was actually quite scary. But, now all my clothes are nice and clean and I'm so very excited about that fact. Wow, do I just have no life or what? No one should ever be this excited about laundry.

It's been pretty quiet around here this week. We didn't have many appointments which was very nice. I didn't accomplish much (other than laundry) due to extreme laziness the heat (my air conditioner is on the fritz) but I did get quite a bit of reading done and some cleaning. It's much cooler today than it has been, hopefully it will stay that way. It's far to early in the year for it to be 90 degrees with 95% humidity like it was earlier in the week. Especially when the air doesn't work. All I wanted to do was jump into a swimming pool full of ice.

Sadly, that's all I have to say. My life is just too boring for words. But I'm ok with that, it means no drama!

Well, I'm off to make a packing list. I may or may not blog this weekend, it depends on how busy we are. Otherwise I'll catch ya next week.

Have a happy and safe Memorial Day everyone!



  1. i hope you have a agreat trip and the car gives you no trouble...sometimes it good to just get away like that...helps give you perspective...

  2. Have a great time "roughing" it! Hopefully your check engine light will turn out to be minor, usually a sensor. Anyways, have fun in the great outdoors.

  3. Good luck with the car. Have a nice long weekend.

  4. nice to see you in cheery mood...
    smooth sailing!

  5. Have a great trip! Sounds like my kind of roughing it. My check engine light is on all the time. On my car it just means I am supposed to take it on for its check up. I am not terribly diligent about it so the light is on forever.

  6. Enjoy! You NEED some fun times!

  7. Have fun...I'm so jealous...I love nature especially when I don't have to rough it.

  8. I was always jealous of people who had a cabin! :)

    Every vehicle that I own has the check engine light on in it. I think those lights are bullshit!

  9. Brian~ I had a great time and after we had the car fixed she ran great all the way there and back. I'm glad I went.

    The Urban Cowboy~ Thanks, I did have a great time! My car turned out to have something somewhat minor wrong with it, something to do with an EVAL something or other and it wasn't a ton of money to fix it.

    Captain Dumbass~ Thanks! I hope you had a great weekend too.

    Jingle~ Thank you!

    Small Town Mommy~ My car did end up having something wrong with it, so I'm glad I brought it in, but it wasn't anything huge and expensive, so I was happy.

    bluzdude~ Thanks! I had a great time.

    Travel & Dive Girl~ Me too! I've never been one to enjoy roughing it!

    Otin~ Well, it's not my cabin, but it is nice to have it in the family!

    In my case it did end up being something, so I'm glad I brought it in. But I know a lot of people who have that light go on and it's never anything.

    Have a great day everyone!


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