Monday, September 27, 2010

Did I Really Have to Say That?

It was a very quiet weekend with my Drunken Midget gone with her 'father.' Usually I thoroughly enjoy my time alone, yet it was a bit depressing this weekend. The house was so quiet and it made me think of the not-too-distant future when she will no longer be living here. Can you say empty nest syndrome?

But, she had fun with her 'father' and there were no issues with picking her up, which was nice. And I haven't heard (as of yet) any more about her wanting to hunt or anything like that, which is also nice.

So, here is one of those questions that I had to ask my Midget that a person should never have to ask:

Why is there cauliflower in my bed???

Yupp, I went to climb into bed the other night and found a piece of cauliflower in it. I know I wasn't eating cauliflower in bed. And my Midget claims it wasn't her. Mr. Nobody strikes again!

Another statement I've had to utter that should never have to be said is:

Take your toe out of my fruit!

I was sitting on the couch one day when my Midget was younger and she was lying next to me on the couch and decided that my bowl of fruit was an appropriate place to rest her toe.

There are so many other things that I've said over the years that shouldn't have to be said, but I haven't been writing them down so they are lost in the fog of time. Too bad, I could have written a book.

I just love how my Midget thinks she can still deny doing something and get away with it. When her sister-Midget was still at home they would both deny doing something and I couldn't tell who was lying and I didn't feel right punishing them both so 9 times out of 10 the culprit would get away with it. Well, now that she's the only Midget left, my youngest still tries to pull that, but now there's nobody else to blame. If I know I didn't do it, by elimination that means she did it. But she still dons her 'I'm so innocent, how could you possibly blame me' look and lies her ass off and then she gets into more trouble for lying than if she had just fessed up to begin with. Go figure.

I made up a few batches of incense the other day. Happiness, Joy and Relaxation. The Happiness one I created, Relaxation my Midget created, and Joy I found in the book Everyday Magic by Dorothy Morrison. I love how they smell, and they are all very relaxing and uplifting scents. My Midget doesn't like it when I burn incense though so I have to go hide in my room and shut the door and it reminds me of the days when I was a pothead and sneaking around to smoke a bowl whenever I had the chance.

Ok then, I'm off for now.



  1. Cauliflower? In bed? Your bed? Wow, that's a hard one to deny. Crumbs, maybe but Cauliflower? At least she's eating veggies.

  2. cauliflower in your bed...sounds toe in the fruit...does not sound good for either party...walking around with sticky toe or tasting it. enjoy your insense...

  3. Can't say I have ever uttered either of those two sentences but I've had plenty of weird ones with three daughters! LOL

  4. As crazy as we get, I've never found cauliflower in my bed! yeah - you definitely should have written everything down! Your defense attorney might need it! ;)

  5. To this day, I can't smell incense without swearing that I smell pot as well. Power of association, I guess.

  6. LOL!!! Cauliflower in your bed!!

    Enjoy your incense, Raven. Every now and then, the smell wafts thru my window from my neighbour's altar.

  7. VandyJ~ LOL, yes, that is very true. And cauliflower doesn't stain, whereas if she had been eating chocolate or something like that I'd likely have had to change my sheets!

    Brian Miller~ hehe, yeah, I ended up throwing the whole bowl of fruit away cuz I swear it all tasted like toe. I am enjoying my incense, thank you. :)

    pegbur7~ With 3 girls, I imagine you do have plenty of intersting statements that you've had to utter!

    Gina~ I thought the cauiflower was pretty outrageous too. lol Yeah, my Defense Attorney probably could use all that info! :)

    Mama Zen~ lol, I don't blame you for associating the two, it took a long time for me to stop doing that. In the past every time I smelled incense I wanted to toke up, but now I just enjoy the incense.

    Veronica Lee~ I know, right? hehe

    Thanks, I am enjoying it. I hope that the incense wafting to your window is nice smelling and not overly pungent as some of them can be.

    Have a great day everyone!


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