Thursday, September 30, 2010


The Spin Cycle: Laughter

The topic for the Spin Cycle this week is laughter. Laughter is a soothing balm to the soul, a way of lifting you up out of the insanity and inanity of everyday life. I have an offbeat sense of humor, so you may not think these things are funny, but I thought I'd share with you some of the things that make me laugh.

*Watching people trip and fall. I know, I'm mean. But I'm ok with that. My Midget gets so mad cuz every time she trips and falls I LMAO.

*Eddie Izzard. This man is hilarity on a stick. I mean, make you laugh so hard you pee your pants funny. There is some foul language in this vid, so I wouldn't recommend watching it if you're at work.

*Christoper Titus. If you didn't pee your pants with Eddie Izzard, Christopher Titus will surely do it. Especially his stand-up, Norman Rockwell is Bleeding. If you're easily offended or faint of heart, I wouldn't recommend this one. He goes 'there' and beyond. It also contains some foul language.

*My cats crack me up all the time, especially when they start chasing things that aren't there. Although sometimes they make me think that I have a ghost, and that's less funny.

*My bestest friend makes me laugh. She's so awesome and we always have a good laugh together when we're on the phone.

*Funny bumper stickers make me laugh:

*The Happy Bunny makes me laugh too. I love the Happy Bunny!!

*And of course, last but not least, my Drunken Midgets make me laugh. They are always saying or doing things that crack me up. Like when my daughter told me a couple months ago that it was her goal in life to be Mexican (her bestest friend is Mexican and she loves the food, culture, etc.). I thought that was hilarious.

And that is all I have for the Spin Cycle today.



  1. WE love Eddie Izzard! He is freaking hilarious. And those bumper stickers are great.

  2. Happy Bunny makes me laugh too!! Soo bratty and rude! Yor DM's make me laugh too! I love teenage humore

  3. Eddie Izzard kills me! So funny.

  4. I love the Happy Bunny!
    UNfortunately, we can't have the calendars at work. :-(
    Funny you mention the tripping and falling, Sprite got called out for laughing at a classmate who did the same thing. How am I supposed to reprimand a child for having a gut reaction to what can look funny hours after it happens? Oy.
    You're linked!

  5. Eddie Izzard is hysterical! :)

    So are Drunken Midgets and Princess Naggers... ;)

    SC: Laughter

  6. VandyJ~ Eddie Izzard is beyond hilarity! Thanks!

    Gina~ The Happy Bunny so rocks! My DMs crack me up too. LOL

    Mama Zen~ Yeah, we think he's shit on toast too!

    Sprite's Keeper~ That sucks you can't have the Happy Bunny at work!

    LOL I don't blame your little one for laughing at that, I would have cracked up too. Thanks for the link!

    Stacy~ Yes, he is!

    And yes, they are too!!

    Have a great weekend everyone!


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