Thursday, September 23, 2010

Raven On Religion

My Loser Ex is trying to harass, pressure and bully me into driving farther than I'm able to drive to meet him so he can pick up my Drunken Midget for visitation and it's pissing me off. It's not my fault he lives 3 hours away, nor is it my visitation. I don't think I should have to drive at all, but I'm being nice and driving 20 minutes. He doesn't come down and drive her around when I have her, why should I drive on his time? I have limitations that I cannot help, even the mediators said the courts are not going to make me drive farther than I am able. So he can just bite me. Twice.

My Mabon ritual last night was very nice. I was quite pleased with it. It was kinda awkward as I've never done a ritual like that before and I didn't memorize it so I was constantly going back and forth from what I was doing to reading the paper. I'm just not good with memorization though. Tonight is the Full Moon and I'm hoping to have the energy and motivation to do a ritual tonight too.

Speaking of religion. The topic at The Spin Cycle (I tried to put the badge in but blogger wouldn't accept the html) this week is religion, and I thought I'd participate by sharing with you how I arrived where I am in regards to religion.

Growing up, my family was Catholic, at least that's what my mom told me I was, though I never saw any evidence of that faith in our lives. We never went to church, I never had my first communion, we didn't even own a Bible. But, I was Catholic because, according to my mom, I was baptized Catholic, though I do not remember consenting to that one.

So, needless to say I wasn't religious or spiritual in any sense of the word. When I got myself into a  load of trouble I'd say a quick prayer that God, in his almighty wisdom and mercy, would get me out of it, but that was the extent of my devotion. It wasn't until I was in my mid 20's that I 'found God' and became a Born Again Christian (much to the horror of my Catholic family). And I was devout in my devotion. I attended church 3 times a week (Sunday services, Wednesday evening meal and worship, Thursday morning Bible study) and I read my Bible for 2-3 hours every day. I witnessed and shoved my religion down everyone's throat and I was convinced that I had found the 'one true God.' I had ecstatic religious experiences and visions, the whole nine yards.

I was a Christian for about 5 years, and little by little my faith began to wane. I was disturbed by the hypocrisy of the church and my fellow parishioners, horrified by the atrocities committed in the name of Christ, and the more I read about Christianity, mythology and other religions, the more I realized that they are all strikingly similar at their core. I came to believe that they are all just different paths to the same Divine Source. Who am I to say whether my God is better than your God? I firmly believe that God is too big to fit inside one religion, and that all religions contain a piece of the Whole.

So, although I do believe Christianity is yet another path to the Divine, I realized that I could no longer be a Christian as it didn't fit into my belief system. That was when I turned to Wicca. I was drawn to it initially because of it's focus on the Goddess. After being a Christian for so long with the emphasis on a masculine God, it was refreshing to see the feminine in the Divine, to know that being female doesn't make me less than men. I was also intrigued by the reverence for nature. No, we don't worship nature, but we honor it and revere it and do our best to care for Mother Earth. We don't believe we have dominion over Nature to subdue it and abuse it for our benefit, but we believe we must care for it lovingly.

Although I do consider myself Wiccan, I also draw heavily on Buddhism in my spiritual practice, which is why I call myself a Buddhist Witch Who Worships Dog. I put the Dog part in there cuz just as people with Dyslexia mix up words, I think a lot of people mix up God, using the Divine as an excuse to justify their prejudices and hatred instead of loving others and seeking peace, which is truly Divine. 

So, that is my 'spin' on religion.



  1. I have much the same feeling for "religion" and christianity as you do. God is God, no matter how you worship him/her and no one way is better than another. Great spin!

  2. VERY interesting Spin! You have such a history with this! I had a few Wiccan friends in my old neighborhood before we moved and got to sit in on a few rituals, and I was just entranced by the beauty of it. The encantations are just lovely.
    You're linked!

  3. You are probably the first ever Catholic to Born Again to Wiccan I know. Cool.

    It's really all the same stuff, isn't it? Be nice to each other, keep your shit together, don't fuck up the world and try to make your limited time here meaningful. Amen.

  4. VandyJ~ I agree wholeheartedly! Thanks!

    Sprite's Keeper~ Thanks! I love being a Wiccan, it is a very beautiful religion. Thanks for linking me!

    FoN~ lol, I know, I've from one end to the other in regards to religion.

    It is really just the same stuff, just in different outward forms. You sum it up very well. :)

    Have a great weekend everyone!

  5. I second FoN! I was raised Catholic, so...that happened. I still toy with the trying to be a reborn Christian...presently I'm n/a

    I enjoyed reading about your rituals. It made me pay more attention to the moon and the general beauty of the light this time of year. I love autumn.

  6. That's quite a cross section of religion you have traversed. I am intrigued by it. Great spin.

  7. You're the coolest former-Catholic-former-Born-Again-Christian-Current-Wiccan I know! :)

    I absolutely agree that God is too big to fit inside one religion. Well said, and Great Spin! :)

  8. i hear you...i walked away years ago because of the same reason and search through many others before making my way backk...thanks for sharing yourstory...

  9. thanks,this is my site be a follower..more wedding ideas!

  10. how to love more a follower..thanks..

  11. CityMom2~ Thank you. And I'm glad I could help you enjoy the season more. I love autumn too. It's my favorite season.

    pegbur7~ Yes, I've been all over the place as far as religion goes. Thanks, I'm glad you enjoyed it!

    Stacy Uncorked~ Thanks! That's high praise coming from such a cool, sassy chick!

    Brian~ You're welcome, thanks for reading!!

    joven~ Thanks!

  12. I loved reading about your religious background. It sounds like a really interesting journey. We used to have a Wiccan sing in our church choir. I wonder where she went?

  13. Gina~ Thanks, my spiritual journey has been quite interesting, at least to me. :)


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