Wednesday, March 16, 2011

First I'd Like to Thank All of My Fans, Who Made This Award Possible...

"Who's to say I would like you anyway? Take a deep breath, I'm alive!!" ~Godsmack, 'Bad Religion.'

 (Do I have the right form of who's in there? It looks wrong. And as a Grammar Nazi, it's disturbing me. Greatly)

Yes, I'm alive! And out from under my rock! Again! (For the moment) I spent most of the afternoon yesterday (well, today, cuz I'm typing this yesterday-did ya catch that?) under there cuz I was rabidly crabby and utterly despairing. Talk about mood swings. Goddess stop the ride I wanna get off!

Seriously, I think I'm gonna vomit.

Before I jump into boasting and narcissism (Well, I did win an award!), I want to share a page at Our Loonyverse with you. On this page you can find all kinds of ways to help the crisis in Japan. There are a lot of good, reputable links there, so please check it out. Thanks DDIVA! They need all the help we can offer. And don't forget to send your prayers and positive vibes not only to those in Japan but to those who live in other countries that have friends and family there. Thank you.

Now, on with the show.

So, I've had this meme that I've been meaning to post, but Monday I forgot, then Tuesday, as we all know, belongs to Keely, She of the Purple Ham, and now today I want to post on my award, so it will have to wait until tomorrow. I'm really psyched about this meme though, cuz I made it up, a fact of which I'm quite proud, and even if it turns out to be a really lame meme and nobody does it, I'm ok with that, cuz, well, I made it up and I think I should get points for that. Also, it could be a meme that somebody already did, in which case, I'm still totally ok with that cuz I didn't know that it had already been done and came up with it all on my own. Well, mostly. See, so no matter how you look at it, I still rock!

So look for that tomorrow.

Unless something else comes up.

So on to the award. Which I'm so psyched about I'm doing cartwheels. (Not really) Cuz I love awards! Of course I do, I love attention!! (And accolades!) Even though this is the first time I've won an award in a very, very long time. (What's up with that anyway? I'm just sayin'. Well, more like askin'.) As I mentioned yesterday it was gifted to me by Jess @ Ramblings of an Emotional Idiot, which is a fantabulous blog so if you haven't checked it out yet you should. Here is the link to the post she did when she received the award. So, I declare that Jess can officially join my club of You Rock! I so should make that an actual club and invite all my fave Bloggy Friends to join.It would be an uberly exclusive club. We could have a code word and a secret handshake and everything. Oooh, how about secret decoder rings?

Ahem. I digress.

(I am such a dork)

Anyhoo, so now I get to share 3 things that I love about myself! Just 3. Not 4. Not 12. Not 3 dozen. Just 3. Ok fine.

  1. My enthusiasm. When I'm not utterly despairing, that is. When I'm in an upswing I have an enormous amount of enthusiasm. Copious amounts of enthusiasm. I am awash with enthusiasm. About everything.That doesn't piss me off. But even then, I'm very enthusiastic about my pissy-ness. 
  2. My creativity. Most of the time I'm a very creative person, which I think comes through in my blogs and my writing, especially my poetry. 
  3. My sense of humor. Regardless of what anyone else may think, I crack myself up. And that's all that really matters now, isn't it? Hehe
I'm also supposed to post a picture I love. Which leads me to a conundrum.(I love that word!) I assume that since it's my award, I should probably be in the pic. (And not Sully. What if I photo shop myself into Sully's pic? Oh, don't have photo shop. Never mind. If someone out there does have photo shop and loves me and has lots of time on their hands, I could send a pic of me and a pic of Sully and you could so do that for me. I'd totally love you forever! That's like a whole eternity of my undying love and devotion!) Again, I digress. There are not many pics of me that I really love. Or even like. And I refuse to take a current pic of me until I lose weight. Ok, let me dig through my photos and find something. Hold on.

*muzak plays softly*

Stuperdoggies! All they need are little purple capes!
LAMO Ok, no pics I love with me in them. And the only other pics I love that I have on this puter are the ones I posted on yesterday's post of my Midgets. So you get this, a pic of my favorite kind of dog. (Hey, it was either that or Sully) It's a Chinese Crested. Don't you just look at that dog and go 'OMG that is so the kinda dog Raven has to have!' If I ever got one I'd so have to buy it a doggy snowsuit for winter, but still. I loooooove those doggies! LMFOA

And now.....drum roll please....time to give out the awards. There are so very many deserving blogs out there, but I'm narrowing it down to 5 for the sake of my short attention span. And cuz that's how many Jess did.

So here we go...In no particular order...

  1. ddiva @  Our Loonyverse
  2. Beth @ Living a Goddess Life
  3. Fireblossom @ Shay's Word Garden
  4. Julie @ Momspective
  5. Anne @ Small Town Mommy
There are so many, many more awesome blogs that I will get to when I get my next award. (Hint, hint!)



  1. Looking forward to that meme woman...give me a reason to blog tomorrow. LOL

  2. At least you can admit to being crabby
    Like an overzealous tabby
    haha thos dogs look so scary
    As they aren't very hairy
    But each is cute in ther own way
    I'll be back another day
    As I'm doing this at work
    And don't want to get caught as I lurk

  3. Can't wait to see what the meme is tomorrow. And of course you rock!

  4. You rock, woman! Count me in on the meme. Thanks a gazillion for linking the ways we can help, so appreciated (still adding more if anyone knows of any we haven't listed). PLUS- a generous soul has given me an uber awesome prize to give out this time- The T- shirt of choice and the bracelet Lady Gaga created that all proceeds go to Japan! On both the blogs. So excited about that, I think it's the best prize we've ever had! And two of them. Yippee!

    Ha, sorry, got distracted. Thanks so much for including me in the award- we love the same things cuz I so would have chosen most of those blogs if you hadn't beat me to it. (You know who I love best by the few I have on my sidebar lol). I will probably post Fri or Sat since I have to get the giveaways up on the blogs today and already did like 4 posts *rolls eyes at self* and tomorrow I get to have my bitchfest and much as I love you and appreciate the award I can't give that up- what I am blogging about will make you sick and pissed and shake your head etc. Plus I have to do your meme!

    xoxox love you sweetie, sorry this is a novel.

  5. Aw, thanks so much! It's awesome that so many amazing women are all bloggy-connected. :D

    And I love that you're enthusiastic about your pissyness..heeheee...
    Dude, Chinese Crested have Steven Tyler hair. Just sayin'. :)

  6. Thank you so much for thinking of me. I love recognition :). If you send me the photos, I can get it photoshopped for you. Just make sure you are both facing in the same direction :). I love Chinese Crested dogs. I wanted one so bad, but man, are they pricey. I got the cheap dog version from the pound. He is not even slightly crested.

  7. Yay! Well done ... enthusiasm, creativity and a wicked sense of humour. Yeah I'd say that was right! :o)

  8. Those dogs are awesome! And you are awesome! (duh!) And my new award is awesome! Thank youuuuuuuuuuuuu, Raven! Mwahs.

  9. To everyone: I just took 15 minutes answering all my comments and then blogger lost them. Stupid blogger. Sorry, but I just don't have it in me to write my responses all over again. So this is what you get:

    Thank you everyone for your comments. You're welcome to all those thanking me for their award. And you all just totally rock!


  10. your rock like rocker dogs! congrats on the award!

  11. Awesome and can't wait for the meme! You're comment thing is really freaking me out...just when I thought I had it figured it's changing on me...just to fuck with my head, I'm pretty sure!

  12. Big congrats to you! You deserve it.

    And I agree with are funny and creative.

    Not sure what my kids would say if I brought one of those dogs home though. Funny.

  13. Brian Miller~ Thanks! You rock like...something that rocks hard. (It's 4 a.m. so you gotta cut me some slack).

    Kate~ LOL actually after you left your last comment I removed the verification thingy, I'm not sure if it worked though.

    One of the Guys~ Thanks and thanks! I'd love to see the looks on their faces if you did bring one home! LOL

    Julie~ LMAO!

    Happy Friday all!


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