Tuesday, March 22, 2011

It's the End of The World as We Know It-Random Tuesday Thoughts


*Trumpets blare with great fanfare*

Yes, it is that time once again-

*Trumpets blare with even greater fanfare*

Yes, ok, thank you. It's time for Random Tuesday Thoughts!

*Trumpets bla-*

*Raven punches lead trumpet guy in the nose*

Enough with the trumpets already!!

As I was saying. It's time for Random Tuesday Thoughts! So, read this post, head over to Keely's grab the fashionable purple ham badge and get all random and stuff. And don't forget to tell Keely she's pretty! You're gorgeous, girl!

FYI I just read this is the last Random Tuesday Thoughts! NOOOOOOOOOOO!! It can't be!!! What am I going to do with my Tuesdays from now on? Oh Keely, you can't leave me!

*curls up into the fetal position and shakes uncontrollably*

Ok, just had to get that out.

*Remember when I poured coffee into my purse? Well, now I've got a meal to go with that beverage. Sunday night I dropped pizza in my purse. (She shoots, she scores! And the crowd goes wild!)

*Spring might finally be here. It's getting warmer, all the snow is almost gone. Yay! And if I hear anything in the forecast about more snow coming I will personally drive my ass down to the news station and punch the weatherman in the nose.  And don't think I'm playin', just ask the lead trumpet dude.

*We have an apartment inspection coming up on the 29th, which means I need to get busy cleaning. *sigh* I hate inspections. It's so intrusive to have somebody poking around your home and judging your housekeeping skills. It makes me feel violated.

*I found this somewhere. Don't remember where. If it's yours and you're pissed that I stole it, leave a comment with your link and I'll give credit. 

Welcome to my world.
*So my pissy mood and I sat down and had a chat. It started out well. I calmly explained that I was tired of being pissy and politely asked if it would it please vacate the premises. The conversation deteriorated quickly into violence from there. My pissy mood apparently knows jiu jitsu. I do not. The violence then escalated into an all out vicious ass-kicking. Now I'm licking my wounds and mending my broken bones. Stupid pissy-ass mood.

*But I'm not giving up. Nor am I giving in. I'll get rid of it if I have to take out half the planet in the process.

*I am neither here nor there yet somehow always stuck between a rock and a hard place.

*Here's another random funny pic:

Pic courtesy StumbleUpon
*And I just heard from my Neighbor from Hell that there is a winter storm coming. Watch out weatherman, here I come! 

*Another pic I found somewhere...



  1. Morning Raven!!!
    Swinging by to wish you a happy RTT and to steal that everything I like graphic. That is sooo going to be my FB profile picture. Bwahahaha

  2. yeah I am totally going to continue to randomize on Tuesdays, hiatus or not. I really look forward to it, you know??

  3. I'm going to be a rebel and continue to do random on tuesdays...maybe I'll even add a linky so other rebels can join in! :)

    Hope you kick both your pissy mood and the weatherman's butt! ;)

    Wii Bowling and Champagne Making - RTT

  4. That last picture is awesome!

  5. i'm sad for no more RTT. i'm sure that didn't help your pissy mood. love the last picture.

  6. I'll still come visit if you want to random Tuesdays. I enjoy having one day a week to unload the random junk that seems to accumulate.
    Love the first graphic. It is so true.

  7. Kristine~ Good morning! Steal away! Hehehe

    allstarme~ Me too. I'm going to totally copy you and continue randomizing as well.

    Stacy~ I'll so join in if you do a linky. :D Thanks, I think I'm finally starting to kick butt. LOL

    Mama Zen~ Thanks. I LMAO when I saw it.

    Brandy~ I was so sad about RTT but decided that, like some of my other readers, I'm going to keep doing it anyway. :D

    Thanks! I loved that one too.

    VandyJ~ Sweet. I am gonna continue it. Stacy might even do a linky.

    LOL, I know, I loved that one too. :D

    Happy Tuesday everyone!

  8. at least you know now if you were in a survival situation you could live off what is in your purse for a day...smiles. ugh, yeah going to NYC this weekend and they are calling for snow...what!?!

  9. Yep calling for snow here too
    God I hate it as much as you
    Anyway nice job with the random thoughts of the day
    Enjoy coming over your way
    That last sign was great too
    But I like the one with impossible between me and you
    As just when you thin something is impossbile and can't be done
    Someone comes along and ruins all your fun
    Doing it right before your eyes
    So impossible is used instead of lies
    But that is my rant for now
    As the cat goes back to work before someone has a cow.

  10. I'm not stopping. I can't live without my RTT's! I've been doing them since the very first one! AHH!!

  11. I HATE appartment inspections! SO ANNOYING! Yes, intrusive, they're awful.

    I hope the storm skips you!

    Happy Tuesday!

  12. What's up with the apartment inspection? Maybe you could offer the inspector some purse coffee and pizza to butter him up?
    I will be continuing with RTT, even without Keely. I'll be sad, but I'll carry on.

  13. *** Happy Ostara - Spring Equinox Blessings to you ***

    When we have house inspections the house is covered in all kinds of pagan stuff - pentagrams, green man carvings, loads of wooden decorated staffs, cloaks...all types of stuff. I got the idea she doesn't like it but the other day she said 'I suppose you will be going up to Stonehenge after the local circle...are you taking your drums? Didn't expect her saying that somehow.

  14. Love that last photo! Well done on random this week.

  15. Even though upkeep is a total pain in the butt, and the code inspector guy is always sending me threatening letters telling me to pull the weedys out of my gutters or place my trash bags in cans or some stupid crap, he can't COME INSIDE. That would set me off. I couldn't deal. My home is my sanctuary, the one place on earth where things are my way, like it or lump it. Inspections? What, you joined the army and didn't know it???

  16. It's weird--you can never win an ass-kicking contest with your pissy mood. No, you have to coddle it, hug it, pet it, play it good music, and feed it tasty things until it decides to slink away.

    I've gotten my place inspected when I lived at apartment complexes; I always *hated* it. I was always so tempted to leave, like, a vibrator out on the kitchen counter and a bookmarked copy of the Satanic Bible on the coffee table before I left.

    My best friend and I celebrated Ostara with our group on Sunday evening and saw snow yesterday. We felt a bit dismayed at that.

    I hope this isn't *your* last Random Tuesday!

  17. End of random tuesdays? That's unnatural. Too bad. I love all of your pictures today...the first 2 are my favorite though. And I find it HI-larious that you put your pizza in your purse. Now you'll have a dinner whenever you're out and about and feeling hungry.

    I am very disturbed you have to have inspections. If the bank came to see how we were keeping up their investment, I'm pretty sure they would kick us out.

    If it snows, I'm boycotting MN.

  18. I think everybody should just keep doing it. I didn't mean to rain on everybody's parade!

    My pissy mood and I are on civil terms. For now. We've had our ups and downs this week.

  19. You have just been awarded the Cherry on Top blog award by me. Really. I'd use some trite cliché, but then I'd have to kick myself in the nuts for doing it.

    So let's just say that you deserve it and I think you're someone I'd pick to be on my team. For anything, even if you sucked at it. Cause I'd just want you on my team.

  20. Brian Miller~ LMAO Now I just need to put some hot sauce and ranch in there to dip the pizza in and I'm set! Snow sucks. Especially when it's supposed to be Spring. D:<

    Kim Nelson~ Hehehe, thanks!

    Rhymetime24(akaPat)~ I like the impossible one as well
    and sometimes it all just makes me want to yell
    but I don't let it get me down for long
    and I'll start to sing a little song
    usually by Godsmack cuz they make me so hot
    oops, maybe that's TMI but it's what I got.
    I hope your work today was great
    and that your evening was first-rate!

    Deborah~ LOL

    Julie~ Yupp RTT's make my whole week. I'm gonna keep 'em up too.

    Toni~ I know, they so suck! At least there's only 2 a year.

    I hope it skips us too!

    Mom in High Heels~ Oooh, that's a good idea. LOL I'll have to try that.

    Yeah, I just can't live without my RTT's.

    ElasticUnicorn~ First off, just have to say that I love your name, that is so awesome. Secondly, Happy Ostara to you too!! I hope yours was awesome.

    LOL I wouldn't have expected that either! Yeah, I always get weird looks when they get to my room where my altar is set up. I had to start hiding my athame when they come cuz I think it scares the inspectors.

    Thanks for stopping by! I'm heading over to your blog when I finish up here.

    Travel & Dive Girl~ Thanks!

    Fireblossom~ I totally feel like I joined the army. The next thing you know they're going to order me to do push-ups and spit shine my shoes. It's such a bitch to have them come in and poke around my house. I hate it!

    Cracker Lilo~ So true! I think my pissy mood finally slithered away. For now.

    Oh, I so want to leave out one of my vibrators now! LMAO

    I'm so jealous that you got to celebrate Ostara with a group. As a solitary I sometimes think I miss out by not having a coven. I just wish I liked people more. hehe

    Nope. I decided to keep up the Random Tuesdays. I just can't live without them.

    Kate~ Well, I decided to keep up with Random Tuesdays, so it won't end after all. I know, right? I couldn't believe it when I dropped the pizza and it fell right in my purse.

    I'm disturbed that I have to have inspections too. I have hours of cleaning to do by the 29th. Have I started yet? No.

    I'll boycott MN with ya! It's Spring, damn it!

    Keely~ That's ok. We will miss you, but we understand that shit happens. We'll keep it going and when you bring them back we'll welcome you with open arms. :D

    Right now my pissy mood has been contained. But it threatens to break loose again at any moment.

    The Defiant Marshmallow~ Yay!! I'm so excited! I'm going to mention it in my post tomorrow and then on Thursday I'll share my 5 things and hand it out. Thank you so muches!!

    LOL I'd love to be on your team. Even if your team sucked. :D

    Thanks everyone for all the fantastic comments!

  21. Why did Keely decide to be done with RTT's??

    I'm still trying to figure out how you managed to get pizza in your purse!

  22. So not fair, I find RTT then Keely decides to stop them. Of course we were totally random even before I knew there was a linky so won't be stopping, but sad day.

    I miss apartment living, but then I didn't live in one that was owned by a nazi who came to see how I lived. WTF is up with that? And I have lived in them in at least 15 states. Bah, I'd have to do something ridiculous like have hacked up random chunks of flesh and bones in my freezer that were unrecognizable and various instruments of torture tastefully displayed. But we all know I'm whacked. ;-)

  23. Oh and that last pic- LOVE IT. The others are great but that's the one that suits me best.

  24. blueviolet~ I think her life just got too hectic.

    LOL Well, I was moving a plate of pizza from one counter to the other and the plate tipped and the pizza fell off and my purse just happened to be lying on the floor, open, and the pizza landed in it. :D

    ddiva~ Well, a bunch of us are going to keep doing RTT and one of them might even do a linky. If she does I'll let you know.

    I now right? My landlord also outlawed smoking on the ENTIRE PROPERTY so I have to walk out to the street to smoke. Fascist bastards. I'm sure that's part of why they are inspecting, to see if people are smoking in their apartments. I so want to do something totally crazy to shock and horrify them, but since they are Nazis and all, they might evict me for it. LOL

    I love that last one too. Hehe

    Have an awesome Wednesday!

  25. I'm sorry it didn't work out well with the conversation with your pissy mood. You couldn't have known that it knew kung fu or whatever. I think that making the effort was really noble. Better luck next time.


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